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First Aid Training

In June, St Charles' pupils took part in first aid training, thanks to members from the St John's Ambulance. The Friends of St Charles, paid for the organisation to come and deliver a whole school assembly on who do we ring in an emergency and…
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KS2 Art Club – Emojis

This week, KS2 Art Club studied the range of emojis you can use. As the weather was so nice, pupils went outside and created their own versions using chalk. Some chose to draw small images, while some chose to draw their designs on a larger…
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Year 6 Rain Forest Topic

As part of the Year 6 Rain forest topic, pupils studied some on the colourful and interesting animals found amongst the plant life. Using oil pastels, they created detailed studies of the animal from close range. Pupils worked very carefully…
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Key Stage Two Art Club – Romero Crosses

As part of the Hexham and Newcastle Diocese Year of Oscar Romero, pupils from Key Stage Two Art Club, created their own version of Romero crosses. These crosses are made by people living in El Salvador and commemorate Archbishop Oscar Romero,…
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Live HIIT session with Joe Wicks

This morning we all met in the hall to take part in a live YouTube HIIT session from Joe Wicks, also known as The Body Coach. The session was aimed at school aged children and everyone had a great time, even if we were a little hot and swea…
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Wheels Education Visit

Wheels Education were in school again today helping some of our children learn to ride their bikes. All of the groups worked exceptionally hard and were soon whizzing round the playground like experts! Well done everyone!
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Year 6 France Trip – Day 4

After our shopping trip yesterday, we enjoyed our version of a french picnic last night, everyone was well and truly full! Today we are in Parc Asterix enjoying the rides. Some people have even been on their first ever roller coaster. It…
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Year 6 France Trip – Day 3

This morning we visited caves which were occupied by many hundreds of families during World War 1, and by the Germans in World War 2. These caves were 33 meters below ground and contained many chapels and statues. Afterwards we enjoyed our…
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Year 6 France Trip – Day 2

Today we visited Samara and learnt about the history through Stone Age to Iron Age. We were shown how to throw an arrow, make fire and the tools used for hunting and building. We have also had a very special opportunity to go and visit the…
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Friends Purchase a Defibrillator

The Friends of St Charles have purchased a defibrillator to be held in school. The device could help a pupil, member of staff, visitor or any person present on the premises at the time who may suffer a cardiac arrest. This is only possible…