Statement of Intent

The purpose of Art and Design Technology is to give pupils the skills, concepts and knowledge necessary for them to express their ideas and experiences in a visual, tactile or structural form. The practical nature of the subjects develops pupils’ imagination, problem solving skills and self-esteem.

These two subjects will alternate on a half termly basis.

  • In Art we will be a skill based scheme providing a challenging and creative curriculum covering drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, textiles and 3D work.
  • Design Technology will be developing the skills and knowledge in the areas of mechanics, materials and food.

Latest News

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Catherine Readshaw Art Festival 2019

This term has seen pupils take part in the annual Catherine Readshaw Art Festival. This year the theme was the environment. Across the school, pupils were asked to consider colour, line, first-hand observations and tone. Classes studied famous…
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KS2 Art Club – Emojis

This week, KS2 Art Club studied the range of emojis you can use. As the weather was so nice, pupils went outside and created their own versions using chalk. Some chose to draw small images, while some chose to draw their designs on a larger…
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Year 6 Rain Forest Topic

As part of the Year 6 Rain forest topic, pupils studied some on the colourful and interesting animals found amongst the plant life. Using oil pastels, they created detailed studies of the animal from close range. Pupils worked very carefully…
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Key Stage Two Art Club – Romero Crosses

As part of the Hexham and Newcastle Diocese Year of Oscar Romero, pupils from Key Stage Two Art Club, created their own version of Romero crosses. These crosses are made by people living in El Salvador and commemorate Archbishop Oscar Romero,…

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