Kidshelp Cambodia – England

The Pupil Governors of St Charles' are running a new campaign and would like the help of our families and local community. We are going to be working with Kidshelp Cambodia – England, a Durham based charity who work alongside the Khmer Sight…

OPAL Supplies - Do you have what we need?

ARE YOU HAVING A CLEAR OUT AT HOME OR YOUR WORKPLACE ? St Charles are looking for things that children can play with & use their imagination during outdoor playtime. We would love things like .... * DRESS UP OUTFITS * TOYS * SCOOTERS *…
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Year 5 Visit Hardwick Park

Today, Year 5 went to Hardwick Park to take part in an OAA event with the SSP. We enjoyed fire lighting, team games and orienteering. We’ve had a brilliant day!
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Catherine Readshaw Art Festival 2019

This term has seen pupils take part in the annual Catherine Readshaw Art Festival. This year the theme was the environment. Across the school, pupils were asked to consider colour, line, first-hand observations and tone. Classes studied famous…
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Google Presentation

On Tuesday 26th March, we were lucky to have a presentation from Google. Pupils from Key Stage 2 learnt about how to stay safe online. We were reminded that: It is important to choose passwords which include capital letters, numbers…
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SSP Dance Festival - Year 6

After many weeks of rehearsing, and perfecting their dance routine, our Year Six pupils took part in the annual SSP Dance Festival at Newton Aycliffe Leisure Centre. It was a great morning watching schools in our area perform their own routines…