This year a new Eco Club was formed. The club do a lot of work inside and outside of the classroom. Regular meetings are held and all work is aimed at implementing an Action Plan to improve the Environment Review carried out by the group on the school. Below is a record of the hard work they have carried out.

The Eco Club are delighted and very proud to announce that, as a result of the work done, St. Charles’ School has now earned the Silver Award as an Eco School.

1. Every school day, monitors record any waste of electricity. Green and red paw prints are given out each Friday to every class to remind them to switch off, when electrical equipment is not in use.
2. They have held two Eco shops in order to recycle school uniform.
3. The club have informed everyone about helping the planet through an Eco Assembly
4. Throughout the year they have been responsible for Bag2school.
5. A little allotment area has been created in KS1 and onions and cabbages have been planted.
6. They led an Assembly on the Man who Planted Trees to help gain the Woodland Trust Award for the school.
7. The club made a hedgehog feeding station and topped it up with food each day. They used a night time camera to video the visiting hedgehog.
8. They have made bird feeders and improved the bird feeding areas.

9. In January the group took part in the Big Schools Bird Watch.
10. They gave £100 for Dorothy’s Wells and invited Jim O’ Connor into School to give a presentation in front of the whole school.
11. They learned a lot about global warming and the danger to polar bears, when Amy from OASES came to visit.
12. The club bought Eco books for the library with money raised from the Eco Shop.
13. In March they introduced the Wow Tracker encouraging pupils to walk, scoot or ride to school.
14. The club are involved in monitoring Ginger’s (the guinea pig) wellbeing and have bought him a new cage and toys. Classes now have the chance to have lunch with Ginger on a Tuesday rota.
15. They have made homes for mini-beasts and picked up litter.
16. They have learned about rising sea levels and made their own floating garden, just like the farmers in Bangladesh.
17. This half term the club have planted a wildflower meadow at the bottom of the field to provide a habitat for bees and butterflies.
18. Last week they planted up two beds with giant sunflowers as well as planting peas and beans.

19. They have raised money so that the school can adopt an endangered animal. Everyone got to vote and the sea turtle has been chosen.