What an adventure we’ve been on, learning about the Great Fire.  We’ve sequenced events in a little storybook, written diaries as Samuel Pepys, and created our own ‘Tudor Style’ houses …ready for our own Great Fire on pudding Lane.

The children first drew their own houses and stuck the onto shoe boxes.  We then filled the boxes with kindling, newspaper and recycled paper.

On Thursday 1st February, the Great Fire on Pudding Lane started at St Charles’.  The children had mixed emotions as they saw their houses go up in flames.  We were able to think about how people in 1666 must have felt, what they saw and smelt.  We could also feel the heat (on a much smaller scale!)

We were left with the embers and a skeletal structure; just as it would have happened in 1666.

An exciting morning that the children will never forget!