Statement of Intent

The children are excited to develop their geographical understanding. Year 3 are currently studying – Is the UK the same everywhere? The children are currently developing their knowledge of the UK’s counties, major cities and towns and physical features such as mountains, rivers and coasts. During teaching I discovered the children have limited understanding of the UK so we have been annotating base maps and using atlas’ maps, satellite maps and photographs to develop geographical understanding. We will go on to compare physical features in different parts of the UK and use OS maps with symbols and four-digit grid references.

Year 4 are currently studying – What can we discover about Europe? The children are currently developing their geographical knowledge of key countries, capitals and physical features in Europe. We will go on to develop knowledge of differences across Europe by looking at the relief, climate and different biomes. The children will develop use of atlas maps, thematic maps and GIS, geographical information from research.

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