It has been a fantastic half term for KS2 pupils that participate in learning outside the classroom (LOTC) sessions. The new outdoor classroom is a great addition to the school and has already been well used.

Please ensure that children have appropriate warm clothing and footwear on the day of their LOTC session. These can be left in school and will be sent home when dirty.

Year 3 

As these pupils were new to LOTC we started by learning the rules and the importance of health and safety. We then did some team building exercises which helps all the children to understand how working as part of a team helps them to achieve their goals.

This term, the topic was ancient Egypt so, to link with the curriculum, the children created canopic jars and then the following week they were painted.

The children have also been learning about the seasons and how autumn is an important time for the plants and trees around us. We did a seed dispersal walk where the children collected different seeds from the bushes and trees. After we identified them they walked around our school grounds and sprinkled them as we walked, helping Mother Nature.

Also, the children learned about the wind and forces and made paper aeroplanes. They also had to work in teams to try and get a balloon to travel the furthest. We discussed the size/weight of the balloon and when was the best time to release it. We also talked about the signs of wind and how did we know the wind was around us.

Year 4, 5 and 6 all learned about natural ways of painting, using natural items found around our school. We painted imaginary creatures using crushed blackberries. We also learned the old tradition of playing conkers, we studied the rules and also how we could play safely. After threading our own conkers onto string we then played, some were more successful than others!

Year 5 pupils helped to create the Eiffel Tower using crates for French Day, this was a great engineering achievement.

Year 6 pupils have moulded their own poppies made from clay and have painted them, we also painted poppies onto stones and glazed them. They have also started to prepare the allotment area near the war shelter ready for planting.