At St Charles Catholic Primary School, all children in Reception and Year 1 are taught phonics daily.  In Year 2, phonics is done in conjunction with learning about spelling, grammar and the use of punctuation. We use a system called ‘Letters & Sounds’ which teaches what is called ‘synthetic phonics’.

Children in Key Stage 2 may continue with aspects of ‘Letters & Sounds’ if required. It is broken up into 6 phases. Children are taught systematically throughout each stage.


What is Synthetic Phonics?

  • How sounds are represented by letters
  • How to decode letters to say sounds
  • How to blend (synthesise) sounds to read words


Children are systematically taught:

  • letter-sound correspondences
  • to read words by blending sounds
  • to spell by identifying sounds in words  ( segmenting spoken words )
  • to form letters