As we can’t have our usual Sport’s Day this year, we have opted for a virtual, at-home event. This will start on Monday of next week and last until Friday.

Please see the below bullet points for details of how the week will run.

How to take part:

  • The week will consist of 8 events, 2 a day on Monday –Thursday, with Friday as a ‘free’ day to catch up on any that you may not have gotten round to completing earlier in the week.
  • Children can take part in as many events as they wish (they do not need to complete all events).
  • Children may wish to complete the events at home and not submit a score, this is perfectly fine as well.
  • There are different options for each event to make them accessible for all children. Please feel free to make your own amendments to the events if you feel this is needed.

How to submit your scores:

  • A form will be sent out on Thursday via Parent Mail. You will be able to submit scores for each event from the week on the one form. This form will expire at 1pm on Saturday.
  • All children that are attending school this week will complete the events in their PE lesson. These children will not receive a form on Thursday.
  • To allow for the fact that the number of submitted scores may vary across Family Groups, an average score will be given for each event. Each Family Group will end up with 8 average scores (1 per event), these will then be added together to give an overall score for each group.
  • Scores will be announced on Monday.